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Afrocentric Biz Bag Wheelchair

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Smergos, Pty Ltd.

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We created the Afrocentric Biz Bag to carry and protect your laptop, tablet, books and other general office equipment. Use it at the office, on business trips and at university.

The Afrocentric Biz Bag is designed to fit onto the back of a wheelchair with adjustable loops that slip over the handles and support most of the bag’s weight. A velcro strap fits around the back of the wheelchair seat to secure it and prevent movement on inclines as well as for safety purposes. The Afrocentric Biz Bag is padded and has a divider to ensure your belongings are protected and stay organised. A handy colourful pocket in the front of the bag for smaller items such as a mouse, USB sticks, pens, etc.

An adjustable shoulder strap allows for abled-bodied people to carry the bag as well. The shoulder strap can also easily be removed by unclipping it, should you not wish to use it.

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